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    Flex Track System. Light your cabinet and showcases with flexibility

    February 15, 2019


    Flex Track System is the new magnetic Ilti Luce lighting solution. It combines Flex Spot  HP adjustable spotlights with a suspended or surface mounted track. Hight light quality,  high colour rendering index with low power consumption. You can light your object in a precise way with focused lighting, changing the installation of the spot every time you need to do it.

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    • General catalogue 2019

      General catalogue 2019

      The new ilti Luce general catalogue 2019 is avalable now. It contains all portfolio products with some interesting news like Zirkol, PerfectBeam gen.2, Flex spot HP, Flex spot HP zoom, Flex spot HP track. New design, more information

    • Zirkol C: the light takes form

      Zirkol C: the light takes form

      Ilti Luce present Zirkol C. The new suspension LED lamp designed for indoor application in retail & hospitality and decorative office segments. Homogeneous lighting, direct or indirect light emission. Different finishing luminous flux and color temperature are available.

    • Slackline Micro: the smallest Ilti Luce linear system

      Slackline Micro: the smallest Ilti Luce linear system

      Slackline family grows. Slackline Micro is the smallest Ilti Luce linear system which includes into its technology high lumen output, high CRI, low power consumption and different fixing for any different project requirements.


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