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    From Guggenheim in New York to Europe

    October 17 2019


    "Guggenheim. The Thannhauser collection from Van Gogh to Picasso" for the first time in Europe. The exhibition shows the extraordinary collection that Justin K. Thannhauser donated to the Guggenheim Museum in New York in 1963.

    About fifty masterpieces of the most important artists of the first half of the twentieth century: Paul Cézanne, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Edgar Degas, Paul Gauguin, Edouard Manet, Claude Monet, Vincent van Gogh, Picasso,...

    Ilti Luce is a technical sponsor for lighting.    

    Palazzo Reale (Milan, Italy)

    October 17th 2019 - March 1st 2020

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    • Ilti Luce presents the new small projector PerfectBeam MINI

      Ilti Luce presents the new small projector PerfectBeam MINI

      Ilti Luce presents the new small projector PerfectBeam MINI, dedicated to retail and museum lighting applications. The new projector of PerfectBeam family was created to combine design, high light quality and low power consumption.

    • New shapes for Zirkol

      New shapes for Zirkol

      Ilti Luce presents Zirkol S and Zirkol L: the new suspension lamps of Zirkol range. After circular shape, linear and square forms are available now. Different lighting solutions with the same profile, design and finishing. The perfect lamps for retail and hospitality applications, in which it needs to combine interior architecture and light quality.

    • General catalogue 2019

      General catalogue 2019

      The new ilti Luce general catalogue 2019 is avalable now. It contains all portfolio products with some interesting news like Zirkol, PerfectBeam gen.2, Flex spot HP, Flex spot HP zoom, Flex spot HP track. New design, more information


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