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    on a nonconformist career

    Nespolo fuori dal coro
    Milan, Italy

    Ugo Nespolo is a nonconformist, eccentric and multifaceted Italian artist. Palazzo Reale in Milan is the location of the exhibition organized to celebrate his extraordinary career and Ilti Luce is a technical sponsor for lighting.
    Nespolo museum

    Each material

    different modelling. Respecting its characteristics allows making art of it.

    The same for the light. The right colour temperature becomes part of the work, emphasizing colours, shapes and materials."


    - Ugo Nespolo


    The starting point


    The exhibition collects a selection of 200 Nespolo's artworks, which represent his creativity and his capability with different material: wood, glass, ceramics and metals.

    Nespolo's artworks

    The right lighting 


    Colours, materials, creativity and nonconformity characterize the Nespolo's artworks.

    The exhibition celebrates his artistic career: the "puzzles" made of wood, sculptures, posters, paintings and advertising materials.

    Different operas need a different lighting solution. 

    Customized linear systems Miniflux allow a homogeneous light emission on the large puzzles, enhancing colours and three-dimensional forms. 

    Accent lighting has been created through PerfectBeam Variable Spot gen.2 and Flex spot HP family.

    PerfectBeam gen.2 with its zoom optic (7°-55°) and on-board dimming, allow adjusting the light on the opera flexibly. Moreover, CRI (94) guarantees optimal performance in terms of colour enhancement. 

    Flex spot HP and Flex spot HP zoom, light puzzles and illustrations from a shorter distance than PerfectBeam gen.2. Its small dimensions, flexibility e and lower power consumption make these spots, the right solution to install in showcases. Flex spot HP is provided with fixed optic (7° or 25°) or with zoom optic (7°-45°).       

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