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    A perfect idea of light

    Ilti Luce is always looking for an innovative perfect light. It is synonymous with light quality and flexibility for almost thirty years.
    It has worked as LED Premium Brand in the Signify Professional Luminaires segment since 2009, keeping the Italian appeal that has always distinguished it.
    Ilti Luce A perfect idea of light

    Latest news

    • Ilti Luce was acquired by Nemo Lighting

      Ilti Luce was acquired by Nemo Lighting

      Ilti Luce was acquired by Nemo, one of the global leaders in lighting striving to constantly create innovative cutting edge design. Founded in Milan in 1993, NEMO represents, within the design lighting producers’ scenario, a benchmark name, going back to the roots of innovation that always inspired Italian design. Ilti Luce is NEMOStudio by Ilti Luce now.

    • Ilti Luce presents the new small projector PerfectBeam MINI

      Ilti Luce presents the new small projector PerfectBeam MINI

      Ilti Luce presents the new small projector PerfectBeam MINI, dedicated to retail and museum lighting applications. The new projector of PerfectBeam family was created to combine design, high light quality and low power consumption.

    • New shapes for Zirkol

      New shapes for Zirkol

      Ilti Luce presents Zirkol S and Zirkol L: the new suspension lamps of Zirkol range. After circular shape, linear and square forms are available now. Different lighting solutions with the same profile, design and finishing. The perfect lamps for retail and hospitality applications, in which it needs to combine interior architecture and light quality.

    Explore our Ilti Luce products
    We have products for all your needs. Explore the different application areas and the Ilti Luce products to use for them.

    Spotlights & Projectors

    Spotlights & Projectors


    Here you can find spotlights for accent, decorative, general and cabinet lighting. Different fixing for different project requirement.

    Linear Systems

    Linear Systems


    An Ilti Luce key strength: a complete range of high-quality LED linear systems and fluorescence lamps for indoor, outdoor and underwater applications.

    LED strips

    LED strips


    A wide selection of LED strips that allow to meet different lighting requirements: decorative, cove and accent lighting.

    Control Systems and Accessories

    Control Systems and Accessories


    Ilti Luce proposes a wide range of control systems and accessories which allow for extremely intuitive and flexible light adjustment.

    Customized solutions

    Ilti Luce strictly cooperates with architects and lighting designers to develop the right lighting solution.
    Here you can find some inspirations for your project.


    Customize your linear system



    Latest cases

    • Raffaello - The Sun Of The Arts

      Raffaello - The Sun Of The Arts

      The starting point of any efficient lighting solution is the analysis of the location and knowledge of the lighting products…

    • Origami - Spirit Of Paper

      Origami - Spirit Of Paper

      "Origami. Spirit of paper" is a suggestive itinerary that includes more than 300 paper masterpieces. Ilti Luce provided lighting solutions for the complete exhibition…

    • Armeria Reale

      Armeria Reale

      For the new lighting of Armeria Reale, Ilti Luce provided three different kind of solutions. …


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